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Development of logos, business identity suites, and brand guides that incorporate business strategy and positioning into thoughtfully designed marketing collateral.

Creation of brand identity that fuels recognition, amplifies differentiation, and makes big ideas and accessible. From brand positioning workshops to guidelines and standards, we help you follow a disciplined process to build brand awareness, attract new customers and extend customer loyalty.

Concept and design of custom print collateral, magazines, lookbooks and product guides. Collaboration with stakeholders to develop unique layout concepts and visual experiences in print format.

Original advertising concepts and communications for marketing campaigns in print, digital, outdoor, point of sale, radio and video. Media planning and placement that ensures campaigns are delivering against lead generation objectives.

Original graphics and design for products and packaging. Production of graphics according to licensing and regulatory guidelines. Mechanical files to technical and vendor specifications.

We’ll create digital experiences to engage and inform your target audiences. And because we know that online marketing is no longer just about optimizing your website for Google, we’ll help you optimize your presence across the web. By understanding who our target audience is and where they spend their time, we will attack those platforms and build an organic presence for your brand with compelling graphic design for social/mobile, online display advertising, and custom CMS websites.

Collaboration with stakeholders to understand brand and translate diffuse concepts into defined visual concepts. Development of scalable styles and layouts while maintaining visual parity and applying style guidelines. Commissioning and coordinating photo, video and graphic artists.

Delivering design and marketing services since 2004, Friction Marketing is the collaboration of Bend-based creative Anouk Tapper with venture teams in industries from outdoor to medical. Every success is the product of high standards and efficient project management, whether it’s turn-key creative services that get new projects off the ground quickly or bringing new shine to legacy brands.

Anouk Tapper, Creative Director at Friction